Why COVID? The Karma (Cosmic Logic) Behind the Happening

The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam, His Divine Holiness, Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam, expounded on the cosmic principles, KAILASA\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s views And recommendations post COVID-19 during the everyday live public talk – Nithyananda Satsang. The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism (SPH) shared that Karma, Cosmic Logic, is the reason for Covid-19, and that Dharma, the Cosmic Solution, is Ahimsa.

yathākārī yathācārī tathā bhavati-sādhukārī
Sādhurbhavati, pāpakārī pāpo bhavati । puṇyaḥ puṇyena
Karmaṇā bhavati, pāpaḥ pāpena

Brihadaranyaka upanishad – 4th adhyaya, 4th braahmanam, 5th mantra

Translation: as it does and acts, so it becomes. By doing good it becomes good and by doing evil it becomes evil. It becomes virtuous through good acts and vicious through evil acts.

Therefore one indeed becomes good through good work and evil through evil work.

In Hindu tradition, quarantine is used when somebody falls sick or in multiple, various situations of life, like if somebody is dead in your family, near and dear one, the whole family is quarantined exactly for 15 days – the time usually taken for the virus chain to break.

In many situations in Hindu tradition, quarantine is used. Whenever somebody is sick or under quarantine, that person is expected to do Shravana and Manana – means, listening to the great truths, powerful cognitions and intranalising them to internalise.

Shravana means collecting cosmic cognitions; listening to the great truths powerful cognition. Manana means mapping them to your life – intranalising.

Now, almost whole world is quarantined. Even though only small number of people are sick compared to the population of the planet earth, rest of them are quarantined. So the world is going through an unexpected unimaginable situation. The true cause of the COVID 19 pandemic is still unknown. How it is going to impact the world, humanity, is still unknown.

COVID 19 has swept the whole world in a global pandemic of extraordinary proportion. Not just the health cause, the quarantine which is mandatory to protect yourself, and all the other prevention methods we have to follow to protect the large population from this global pandemic.

Its direct and indirect effect on economy, most importantly how it is going to affect our survival needs like food, clothes, shelter especially the less-privileged, whom we call the poor, for whom the resources are not immediately available. That section of the society is going to be really hit by this global pandemic.

Centers for disease control estimate suggest anywhere between 200,000 and 1.7 million deaths could be expected in the united states alone depending upon the eventual fatality rate.

I don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t want to utter inauspicious words and put fear. But let me give you the Hindu solution.

First thing I want to tell: all the Hindus of the world: even though we may not be responsible or reason for this global pandemic, we should take the responsibility to find a solution for this global pandemic and its direct and indirect effect on humanity; how to handle this crisis the humanity is facing.

Next few days continuously, I am going to reveal views, suggestions, Hindu solutions for all the COVID19-related problems, issues, impact of COVID19 directly and indirectly on humanity.

The first step we Hindus need to do is: collect the cosmic cognition; listening to the powerful cognitions and mapping them to our consciousness – Shravana, Manana – collecting and contemplating.

The first point we need to do – Shravana and Manana – listening and intranalising, is “Karma”. Why this COVID19 – the corona virus problem pandemic?

Binary logic has its utility values in day-to-day life. The binary logic is useful for modern day human being in so many ways in their day-to-day life.

To do all your transactions, interactions in every level of your life, binary logic is so useful and you are enamored by the binary logic that you forgot something like cosmic logic exists!

Cosmic logic is Karma. Whenever we face a problem which cannot be addressed, attended by the binary logic, when binary logic falls short to give solution, we need to look up to cosmic logic – multidimensional logic.

Karma is cosmic logic. In simple words, if I have to define Karma: “cosmic logic and the life of the cosmos” – which is Karma.

For this crisis,

yathākārī yathācārī tathā bhavati-sādhukārī sādhurbhavati, pāpakārī pāpo bhavati । puṇyaḥ puṇyena karmaṇā bhavati, pāpaḥ pāpena

Brihadaranyaka Upanishad – 4th adhyaya, 4th braahmanam, 5th mantra

Translation: as it does and acts, so it becomes. By doing good it becomes good and by doing evil it becomes evil. It becomes virtuous through good acts and vicious through evil acts.

Again, this definition is from Brihadaranyaka Upanishad which is the source of Hindu scriptures. (third adhyaya, second brahmanam, 13th mantra):

karma haiva tatpraśaśaṃsatuḥ; puṇyo vai puṇyena Karmaṇā bhavati, pāpaḥ pāpeneti

Therefore one indeed becomes good through good work and evil through evil work.

We need to intranalise this definition of the cosmic logic. What is the papa we did?

Understand: Hinduism asks us to intranalise only to build powerful future, not to collapse into guilt or powerlessness about the past.

Please understand: the concept of sin is used in modern day to put you in guilt, collapse you, make you powerless mentally, psychologically, emotionally, weak, to be exploited, but Hindu concept of papa is never used to put you in guilt, fear and make you powerless and break you mentally, psychologically or emotionally.

Be informed: the Hindu concept of papa, the cosmic logic – the Karma – is taught to you. The secrets of cosmic logic, knowledge of the cosmic logic – Karma – is revealed to you only to make you powerful and create a new future to live powerfully and undo all the mistakes committed in the past due to delusion, ignorance.

The concept of papa is completely different from the concept of sin. So, we need to understand the cosmic logic – why COVID19 for us, humanity.

If we intranalise this truth, we can build a new future for us, eliminating these papas, aligning ourself more to the cosmic logic.

The first understanding, purpose of the world, the primal principle of the universe is: let us all coexist and celebrate our life. Planet earth may be ruled by human beings but we have no right to feel this planet earth is exclusively for human beings. No! That is the sin, the papa of human beings

We forget the existence of cosmic logic when you are enamoured with the beauty of this planet earth and its comfort. You forget this planet earth belongs to all other beings also.

Out of extreme greed and delusion, we try to make this planet earth exclusively for us human beings. That is the first sin – papa we are committing. Let us stop this thought current of trying to make this planet earth exclusively for us.

The destruction we did to planet earth is unimaginable. Due to our greed and extreme possessiveness, just because binary logic makes our life more comfortable and luxurious, we forget that cosmic logic Karma exists.

We are trying to kill nature.

Billions of animals are killed for food everyday. Whether for your food or medicine or cosmetic or things which makes you comfortable or luxurious needs, whatever maybe the purpose, we are forgetting the most important cosmic logic: let us all coexist and celebrate life.

अहिंसा परमो धर्मः – Ahimsa paramo Dharmaha – nonviolence is the ultimate natural law of life and ultimate principle of cosmic logic of life.

The extreme greed is making human beings possessive of planet earth and just for our taste buds we are ready to kill billions of animals.

It is not even to satisfy the hunger! Satisfying the hunger, keeping yourself healthy, is verily possible with vegetarian lifestyle, with plant-based diet, food and lifestyle. We will know planet earth cannot afford any more meat-based lifestyle. Planet earth cannot afford for multiple reasons, not only as per the cosmic logic, even as per the binary logic, planet earth cannot afford.

Meat-based lifestyle – killing animals, killing life for our taste buds, is no more practical life style as per cosmic logic and as per binary logic.

In both levels – of cosmic logic and binary logic – meat eating lifestyle is impractical. The amount of grain, water, resources needed for producing meat or the amount of pain, suffering, torture, cruelty caused while you are killing the animals for your food or for milk is too much.

Milk comes from the industry which is most violent. Very little, almost negligible quantity comes from nonviolent goshalas. We are forgetting the pain, Karma, suffering.

I request and recommend all Hindus to renounce meat eating lifestyle for the sake of saving the planet.

Let us not be possessive. Let us not try to make this planet earth exclusively for human beings. Let’s stop this delusional greed. The greed of the human beings has reached to the level of delusion. We are in a delusion of thinking we can make the planet earth exclusively for human beings, which is not possible.

A 3-year research project published in uk by the lancet commission, recommends a plant based diet.

Two important secrets of cosmic logic for all of us to contemplate.

1) Karma – cosmic logic 2) Ahimsa – cosmic solution

Cosmic logic is Karma. Cosmic solution is Dharma.

Chandogya upanishad beautifully describes Ahimsa (15th khanda, 1st mantra):

Sansarva bhūtānyanyatra tīrthebhyaḥ sa khalvevaṃ vartayanyāvadāyuṣaṃ brahmalokamabhisampadyate na ca punarāvartate na ca punarāvartate ॥ 8.15.1॥

Never causing pain to any living beings, except in places specially ordained, one who behaves thus throughout life reaches the abode of brahman and does not return, does not return.

Means, if you decide a nonviolent lifestyle, you reach the highest existence and you never need to fall into the lower existence.

Ahimsa paramo Dharmaha

Understand: cosmic logic is Karma. Cosmic solution is Dharma. I will reveal various sacred secrets from cosmic logic and cosmic solution about this covi19 pandemic and COVID 19 crisis in further satsangs everyday for next few days. For today, contemplate on these two sacred secrets – Karma and Dharma – cosmic logic and cosmic solution.

The essence of today’s satsang: cosmic logic – Karma – is the reason for COVID19 crisis and cosmic solution – Dharma – for COVID19 crisis, is Ahimsa – nonviolence, blissful co-existence.

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