KAILASA’s recommendations on COVID-19 and multilateralism to be presented at the UN General Assembly and Human Rights Council

KAILASA\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s report and recommendations on an international treaty on COVID got accepted and published by the United Nations.

Surviving the highly contagious COVID-19 where the world is only as resilient as the least resilient country and person requires true multilateralism – governments, organizations, and people to collectively address the crisis.

KAILASA has been successfully providing grassroots solid solutions in multifarious ways including:

  • Providing sustainable community livings with multi-layered quarantine
  • Educating citizens on individual pandemic management
  • Leveraging best of different economic systems based on charity, barter, and money
  • Providing food security and traditional Hindu medicines.

These unique contributions have been recognized by the United Nations.


Read the report here: https://www.ohchr.org/Documents/Issues/IntOrder/Multilateralism/AdiShaiviteMinorityTradition.pdf

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